Coaching and Care for Parents and Babies


Since more than 25 years I have been supporting mothers and babies .

Already during my teacher studies in my home country Germany, I worked as postnatal carer. My years as a primary school teacher and a baby nanny made me aware of the importance of the early childhood for the further development of a child. This knowledge also made me very passionate about good care for mothers in the postnatal period. Because only with a good support, mothers can recover properly from giving birth, adjust to their new role and build a safe bond with their child.

In 2004, I moved to the Netherlands and turned this passion into a full time career. I trained as Maternity Practitioner, Baby Massage Trainer and Postnatal Doula. In the last 10 years I have supported many families in different countries. Working with mothers from different cultural backgrounds has made me very perceptive towards different postpartum habits and traditions, and I am integrating this constantly updated knowledge into my work.

I have often been asked why I don’t have children of my own. Robert, the first new-born I took care of in 1992 and who – like his mum- is a good friend of mine, has his own theory about that. When he was 15, he told me: “Wiebke, I know why you don’t have children of your own. Like this, you have the time and space to make so many other children happy”.

With this statement, he has beautifully summarized the intention of my work. Because I know that a child is happiest when its parents are happy.

My goal is to help both to achieve happiness!

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